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GET JUSTICE. And more.

When you've been hurt or victimized, you want justice. You want the person who hurt you to be held accountable. You want to feel better again. You want to move on.

The Miracle Court App™ offers all this and more. It's a virtual courthouse that allows you to put anyone on trial for anything they've ever done to you or someone you love. It allows you to experience getting justice and can help you move on from the pain and trauma of the past.

Miracle Court Personal Courthouse.jpeg

in about an hour.

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ABOUT An hour.

The Miracle Court App™ is faster and less expensive than traditional courts.

Lawsuits take about a year on average, and typical lawyer fees range from $43,000 to $122,000 per case. With the Miracle Court App™, the trial of your case can begin immediately and be over in less than an hour, no lawyer needed. The cost? FREE! 

  • via live online video conference; risk-free money back guarantee

    1 hr

    99 US dollars

A court of NATURAL LAW.  

The Miracle Court App™ is based on The Nonjustice System -- a "courtroom of the mind" discovered by Quaker attorney, author, and Yale psychiatry lecturer James Kimmel, Jr. With the Miracle Court App™, you become the central character in the trial of the person who harmed you and play all the roles -- prosecutor, victim, defendant, judge, warden, and even judge of your own life. It's an amazing experience that combines law, psychology, and spirituality.

University research shows that Miracle Court™/Nonjustice System trials can help people experience getting justice, reduce destructive and addictive revenge cravings, and "move on" from the trauma and victimization of the past. The Miracle Court App™ gives you access to the most powerful courtroom in the world -- the one inside your own mind -- and helps you discover that the greatest lawyer and judge in the world is actually you. That's the miracle of Miracle Court™. Click FAQs to learn more!

As seen on Dr. Phil!!

There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

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